Axl Eration


The third 3D game my team made is a First Person Shooter that features two game modes. One where you run through corridors away from a laser wall. In the other, you kill all enemies in an arena to progress. In both modes the goal is to complete the levels in the shortest time.

My Contributions

  • Our own physics engine with AABBs, gravity, tags and step heights
  • Partial level reloading, keeping static objects loaded
  • General performance optimizations throughout our entire engine over the entire project
  • Created scripted doors that open when a condition has been met

Project Details

  • Made in 10 weeks (50% time)
  • Our own custom engine, Suncup Engine, using DirectX 11
  • Written in C++. Scripting in Lua
  • Levels made in Unity

Team: Necrobyte