Maximon’s Curse


My third game made at The Game Assembly. It’s a 2D platformer where you, Maximon, need to defend your ancient temple from intruders that are trying to rob it.

My Contributions

  • Created a level class reading levels exported from Tiled
  • Implemented a threaded renderer and level loading
  • Integrated Box2D in the game
  • Implemented culling through a grid
  • Created a launcher in C# with selectable options for the game
  • Improved on my particle editor from last project. Used by our Game Artists
  • Worked on performance improvements
  • Created a menu system with support for mouse, keyboard and/or a controller

Project Details

  • Made in 8 weeks (50% time)
  • Made in TGA2D
  • Written in C++
  • Levels made in Tiled

Team: Team Kill