Demons Run

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The second 3D game my team made is a Diablo-like RPG that we unfortunately didn’t finish mainly due to pipeline problems. For me it was still an educational project, where I learned a lot about implementing scripting support and C++ 11 (14) templates.

My Contributions

  • Created a script manager for reading Lua files and binding scripts to game objects. Multi-threaded script calling with queue buffers. Function arguments and return types can be almost anything because I made all public functions of the manager (variadic) templates
  • Made a component in Unity that loads Lua scripts and can bind values to variables inside. Then in the level loading assigning the values to the right objects scripts
  • Had a major part in writing our compile time entity system using C++ 14 template features
  • Created a particle update thread working fully independently from our main update thread
  • Implemented a grid for dynamic objects and a quad tree for static objects

Project Details

  • Made in 10 weeks (50% time)
  • Our own custom engine, Suncup Engine, using DirectX 11
  • Written in C++. Scripting in Lua
  • Levels made in Unity

Team: Necrobyte