Save Game


This is the first 3D game I made together with the team, using our own engine. The game has a retro style where you defend our game engine from malicious code/features.

My Contributions

  • Memory Pool. All newing and deleting went through this to minimize cache misses. Also memory leak detection
  • Worker Pool. Supporting functions with any arguments and, with futures, any return type.
  • File Watcher. Reloading of assets without restarting the game
  • Binary export of levels in Unity in C#
  • Binary import of level from Unity in C++
  • Implemented the spawning of waves with enemies
  • Assisted in setting up our component system
  • Separate thread for particles
  • Threaded level loading
  • Threaded model loading
  • General performance optimizations
  • Added rendering of text with TrueType fonts
  • SIMD our matrix class

Project Details

  • Made in 10 weeks (50% time)
  • Our own custom engine, Suncup Engine, using DirectX 11
  • Written in C++
  • Levels made in Unity

Team: Necrobyte